File transfer management for print centers

Protransfer is a cloud web service to send orders from photographers, designers and content creators to the print centre or photo laboratory. Protransfer professionalizes the service offered by the printer via a powerfull private software to send files, while drastically improves job reception and productivity via a centralized order tracking dashboards and the creation of printer queues.

Simplifies sending

Customers more satisfied with the ease of sending and with the convenience of directly monitoring the status of their orders, avoiding followup calls and preventing human errors.

Improves productivity


All orders are automatically organized in folders. A production document is printed per order to facilitate printing and finishing processes.

Centralizes receptions


Avoids the complexity of manually searching for orders in standard services like dropbox, wetransfer, box , filezilla, etc. All orders are received in one central and private system.

Handles any product/service

Manages any file type: jpeg, raw, pdf, mp4, eps,… associated with any product type or customized service: photos, photo albums, posters, books, brochures, videos, etc.

Profesionalizes order management

Personaliza tu producto

Each shipment is logged in the administration dashboard and acknowledgments are sent by email. Both the customer and the printer have visibility over the orders received.

Deliveries from any device

The cloud service is developed in HTML5 and can be used to send orders from any device, either Windows, Mac or Linux compuetrs, or from Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile devices.


This videos show the ease of use of Protransfer. Try it yourself like a photographer, agency or designer would do when they want to send you a job to print

how to prepare and order

This video shows the process to create an order and attach their files.

Try it yourself now. Click on the button below to access a demo environment.

protransfer demo store

How to receive an order

This video shows how orders and their files are being received in the private printer backoffice, which is also used to add products and setup new clients.

There is no demo environment accesible, though you may get in contact with us if you would like to have a personal demo.


We would like to help. Contact us to get more info, have a videoconference or organize a demo.


We hav developed Protransfer with the aim to help printers to offer a better service to their customers while improve their productivity.

We have put our experience from 15 years and the technology more convenient to develop a simple yet robust service. Here you are the main characteristics:

Servicio web online

Online Web Service 24x7x365

Web interface intuitive and easy to use. Developed in HTML5 to work in any device without having to download any software.


Ready to start now

Service up and running in less than 24 hours. Rapid customization in less than 5′.  No risks, you have 30 days trial with money back guaranteed.


Customized product catalogue

Supports two types of orders: free file transfer (file transfer mode) and file transfer associated to a product from your custom catalog (web2print mode).

Editor personalizado


Keeps printer look and file via a customizable landing page, header logo and screens background.


Integrable on any website

Protransfer allows for a unified user experence integrating seamless into any existing web page via a simple url link in 5′, without requiring any programming.

Panel de control

Automated production

Files received are automatically organized by orders and files. Advanced integration to a production workflow for direct printing over plotters, minilabs, etc. is possible.

¿what is included in Protransfer service?

customizable landing page for service wellcome or communication.
multiplatform web frontend to create orders and transfer files from clients
order tracking dashboard for clients
products, clients and order Backoffice for the printer
Order Downloader software to be install at printer facilities
imaxel call center support by phone and email
hosting, traffic and software updates incluideds in the anual running fee


Initial set up fee 390€ + tax. One time payment to build Protransfer private service and start up support.

Yearly running fee depending on the plan:
    Professional plan365€/year + tax. 25 GBs monthly traffic. Traffic excess charged at  1,95€/GB + tax.
    Enterprise plan:695€/year + tax. 50 GBs monthly traffic. Traffic excess charged at 1,50€/GB + tax.
    Corporate plan:1.495€/year + tax. 250 GBs monthly traffic. Traffic excess charged at 0,95€/GB + tax.

It is feasible to upgrade the plan during the contract compensating the part left proportionally, or to downgrade it when the contract ends before renovation. There are more price plans and flat fee tariffs for higher volumes. Contact us to know about the plan that better suit your needs.


Order Workflow (for Windows and Mac) is an optional application to automatize order download and job ticket printing. License price is 1.600€ + tax.
Protransfer can be integrated with the full imaxel production workflow Order Lab Manager, that manages direct printing over minilabs, plotters, digital printers and automated order redirection. Contact us to analize your case.

Frequent asked questions

¿cómo acceden los clientes al servicio protransfer?
Se accede desde la propia página web del impresor. Imaxel proporciona al impresor una dirección URL unica creada específicamente para el servicio tipo: Este link se introduce muy facilmente en la página web existente sin requerir programación.

¿y si no dispongo de pagina web?
El propio Protarnsfer ofrece una pagina de bienvenida personalizable por el impresor donde explicar el servicio.

¿desde dónde pueden acceder los clientes al servicio?
El servicio es accesible desde cualquier ordenador (Windows, Mac, Linux), tableta o smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) utilizando cualquier navegador actualizado (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Explorer,…)

¿En qué idioma está la aplicación?
La aplicación se muestra automáticamente en el idioma en que este configurado el navegador del cliente si este idioma está disponible (actualmente en 15 idiomas) y si no lo está se muestra en Inglés.
El idioma en que se envian las notificaciones por email es configurable para cada cliente al darlo de alta.

¿Qué tipo de ficheros se pueden enviar?
Todo tipo. JPEG, RAW, PDF, PSD, ZIP, RAR, AI,….

¿Hay límite de envío de ficheros en un pedido?
No hay límite en el número de ficheros que se pueden enviar en un pedido. Si el cliente ha elegido más de 50 archivos de imagen en un mismo pedido no se muestran las miniaturas cada imagne, sino una genérica para no demorar el envío

¿Puede el cliente enviar carpetas enteras además de ficheros?
Chrome y Safari permiten elegir todos los ficheros de una carpeta con un click, en cambio otros navegadores no lo permiten y requieren seleccionar el grupo de ficheros con el teclado y ratón. En cualuier caso el sistema envía ficheros, sin mantener la estructura de carpetas. Si se quiere enviar una estructura de carpetas y subcarpetas el cliente ha de comprimirlas previamente en un fichero ZIP o RAR con la estructura que desee, y enviar este fichero.

¿Se modifican los ficheros durante el envio?
los ficheros no son manipulados, se reciben tal como el cliente los envía, por lo tanto se conservan los perfiles de color de las imágenes originales que envía el cliente y demás caracteristicas como el formato PDF, fuentes etc.

¿Qué ocurre si el cliente pierde la conexión de Internet durante el envío de un pedido?
Protransfer continua con el envio en el punto donde se interumpio sin necesidad de recomenzar.

¿Qué ocurre si la linea ADSL del impresor no funciona temporalmente?
Nada serio, el cliente no nota que haya ningun problema ya que los pedidos se guardan temporalmente en el servidor de Protransfer. El impresor podrá descargar los pedidos tan pronto como recupere la conexion o se desplace a otro lugar alternativo de descarga.

¿Cómo sabe el cliente que su pedido ha sido recibido correctamente?
El cliente recibe un email de confirmación cuando el pedido se ha sido descargado en el centro de impresión. Además dispone de un panel personal de seguimeinto de sus propios pedidos.

¿cómo se descargan los pedidos?
El servicio incluye una aplicación local para la descarga de pedidos a un equipo local del impresor llamada order downloader. Existe además de la posibilidad de descarga manual de pedidos desde el backoffice en la web a cualquier equipo.


We put all our effort to help our customers. We work with the spirit of becoming technology partners, bringing the technology to the needs and evolution of the personalization and photographic printing business.

“My clients have quickly adopted this tool for its speed and simplicity while we are very satisfied on how it has helped to improve how we organize our work”.

—Vicenç Castro, owner LabColor, Sabadell (Spain)

“The workflow is really simple and professional and we have had no issues so far in the reception of the orders arriving from clients”.

—Pablo Freije, Senda Color Laboratory, Oviedo (Spain)

¿How could we help?

Imaxel profesionals team is serving photographic laboratories and digital printers since 2002. we have already deployed solutions to more than 350 clients in 35 countries in the world.

Contact us if could be of any help.

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Protransfer is a service developed interelly by Imaxel in Barcelona.  Visit our web for other solutions.